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2015 1st Nepalese-Thai Oculoplastic Cadaver Course Tilganga Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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bullet2015 1st Nepalese-Thai Oculoplastic (Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy) Cadaver Course Tilganga Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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2013 Oculoplastic Mission in Udomxay, Laos


 The Oculoplastic Mission at Udomxay, the northern of Laos. The 2nd Mission was done on September, 2013.

Nattawut Wanumkarng     Nattawut Wanumkarng

Nattawut Wanumkarng     Nattawut Wanumkarng




We prepared the medical equipments and medical supplies in the night before we left.

All medical supplies and instruments  were ready for packing. Ready for heading to Laos tomorrow. 



Dr. Aree and Dr. Kanjana are ready to take the filght. 

Dr. Nattawut Wanumkarng


My wift, Dr. Pinita, the great supporter for the mission. 


phetsamone indara

We arrived Luang Prabang at noon by Bangkok Airway. Dr. Phetsamone Indara, the chiet of ophthalmology unit, Udomxay, Laos drove for 6 hours (200Km) for picking us from Undomxay to Luang Prabang. 


The new Luang Prabang International AIrport. It was so nice, new and super clean.


Nattawut Wanumkarng

All the team were ready. 



Scenery at Luang Prabang. 

Lunch at Luang Prabang

Beautiful laotian girls on the road.

Half way to Udomxay. Dr. Phetsamone, the tough man, he drove 2 ways for 12 hours without rest.

Nice scenery during the way to Udomxay with raining. People have very peaceful and quiet life.

With raining all the day, the road was so tough to drive.

The road was so bad, 20 of trucks and cars were stopped for many hours. This made us wasting a lots of time on the way to Udomxay.

This would allow me to take a good shot at people beside the road.


Nattawut Wanumkarng


Nattawut WanumkarngNattawut Wanumkarng

Nattawut Wanumkarng

Nattawut Wanumkarng

Nattawut Wanumkarng


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